1. Direct2D basics

Direct2D Delphi example shows how to initialize Direct2D, draw lines, ellipses, squares or other graphic primitives, use the mouse to draw, make a linear gradient, display Direct2D text and more. This examples also shows how to load any image, scale it and adjust transparency. Powerful, hardware accelerated, anti-aliased 2D graphics using Direct2D and Delphi.

2. Generic list example

Generic TList example using the ListView component

Delphi generic TList<T> example shows how to declare and use the generic lists for strings, integers, doubles and records. This example also shows how to work with the default TComparer and how to build custom sort functions. Also shows how to sort the generic list using the ListView component.

3. Binary reader

Read any type of file

Delphi binary reader example. This example shows how to read any binary file and display all the byte values using a TFileStream, TBinaryReader and TBytes types and classes. This way you can read and analyze any binary file and display values in a virtual ListView component. Full source code and project files as part of the collection.

4. Password generator

Delphi password generator

Delphi password generator example. This example shows how to generate secure passwords, copy passwords to Clipboard, set password length, populate ListView, clear the Clipboard and more. Full Delphi source code and project files.

5. Drag to ZIP

Drag and drop to ZIP

Drag a folder onto a form to ZIP it's content and copy the file name to Clipboard as text. Full Delphi source code and project files. Techniques shown: drag and drop file/folder, TClipboard manipulation, FormatDate commands and more.