1. Remote desktop

Remote desktop

Delphi remote desktop example using the IdTCPServer and IdTCPClient components. This example shows how to control the remote computer and how to send records over LAN or internet. Control the remote computer using Delphi and Indy components. Full source code and project files including Delphi 7 (Indy 9) and Delphi XE+ (Indy 10+) versions. No third party components.

2. Direct2D drawing example

Direct2D drawing example

Delphi Direct2D drawing example shows how to draw lines, ellipses, rectangles and other primitives using a mouse, turn anti-aliasing on and off, get proper OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnMouseMove flags, handle the OnPaint event, store the shapes in a generic list, save and load to/from a nibary file, set stroke length and color, avoid flicker, draw grid, get the right pixel coordinates and more. Hardware accelerated 2D graphics example.

3. MS Access database example

Delphi database example

This Delphi example shows how to connect to a MS Access database, retrieve records, insert, edit and delete database records using multiple forms. This example shows how to use the TDBGgrid, TADOTable, TADOConnection and TDataSource components.

4. Custom print preview Fast Reports

FastReport print preview example

Fast Report example shows how to display, print, export to PDF and navigate a basic 3 page report by code and replace the default print preview window. Full source code and project files.

5. Delphi splash screen

Delphi PNG splash screen example

Example on how to create alpha blended splash screen in Delphi from a transparent PNG file. No third party components. This tutorial also shows how to smoothly fade in the splash form without flickering. Full source code on purchase.

6. Download file from internet

Delphi download file from internet

This example shows how to download the file from the internet, extract file name from the URI, cancel download, display download progress and save the file. Component used is Indy TiDHTTP.