1. FireMonkey database example

Firemonkey database example

FireMonkey database example using MS Access database. This example uses standard ADO / dbGO components to insert, edit and delete records using multiple forms in firemonkey. Also shows how to use live bindings. Full source code and project files on purchase.

2. Draw in FireMonkey using a mouse

Drawing shapes in Firemonkey using a mouse

This FireMonkey Delphi example explains how to use a mouse to draw shapes in 2D, how to change line width, line color, fill color and transparency. The shapes used in this example are: TLine, TRectangle and TCircle.

3. Selecting and resizing FireMonkey controls in 2D

Selecting shapes in Firemonkey using a mouse

Firemonkey example on how to select, drag and resize any Firemonkey 2D component using a mouse and a TSelection runtime. Full source code on purchase.

4. Firemonkey 3D camera rotation

Firemonkey camera rotation example

Firemonkey example shows how to use left mouse button to rotate the camera around the scene (runtime around X and Y axes) and how to use mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Full source code on purchase.

5. Firemonkey draw on 2D plane in 3D world

Firemonkey drawing on a plane in a 3D world.

Firemonkey example on how to draw on a 2D plane in a 3D world using a mouse. The plane can be rotated on all three axes. Full source code.