1. Binary files, lists and records

Save strings, integers, floats and records to a flat binary file using binary writers. Use the binary readers to load file data into a dynamic list of records and display data in a listview component. This example writes the number of records followed by records data. Can be used as a database alternative.

2. Database calculations

Delphi example on how to make calculated database fields, how to calculate taxes, discounts, totals, subtotals and how to apply just about any formula. Database used is MS Access database.

3. Rave report live printing

Print live data using Rave parameters

Delphi example shows how to work with Rave report parameters. This Delphi project also shows how to print directly from an editbox, memo and just about any variable data using Rave reports and parameters.

4. Delphi PNG transparent form

Delphi PNG form example

Delphi example on how to make a form transparent according to a PNG image with a few lines of code and no third party components. Form transparency is adjusted to PNG transparency to achieve the transparent form effect. Full source code.

5. Delphi DLL example

Using and creating DLLs from Delphi

Delphi DLL example on how to create and export DLL routines and how to statically or dynamically load the DLL file. Source code for the library and test project.