1. Components - Button

Delphi component - button

Delphi component development example - button component. Step by step. This examples shows all the steps needed in order to make a custom gradient button component in Delphi. Full source code.

2. Components - Progress Bar

Delphi component - Progress bar

Example on how to create a Delphi progress bar component. Four steps involving the making of a layout, min, max, position, calculating percentage, aligning a caption, making design time adjustment, making custom colors and more. Full source code on purchase.

3. Delphi arrays, records, classes and objects examples

Working with arrays, records, classes and objects

Delphi arrays, records, classes and objects examples showing how to work with arrays, records, declare a class, use class fields, class methods, properties, how to create, use and free an object etc. These Delphi examples also demonstrate some of the basic OO concepts such as encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.

4. Threads example

Delphi threads example

Delphi threads example. This simple threads example shows how to create, use, and terminate threads, how to override the TThread execute method and how to synchronize the update of form's components using a thread.

5. Dialogs example

Delphi dialogs example

Delphi dialogs examples. These examples show how to display a simple dialog, display input boxes, confirmation, warning, error and information dialogs, show multiple buttons and more.