1. Database example - all in one

Delphi database example - All in one

Delphi database example - all in one. This database example shows how to connect to a MS Access database, how to display data in a DB grid, how to insert, edit and delete database records using multiple forms in Delphi, how to filter database records in one or all columns, how to preview current and all database records using FastReport and Rave reports. Full source code on purchase.

2. FastReport variables example

FastReport variables

FastReport example shows how to print 'live' values using source code or by using FastReport variables and only one event. Delphi XE2 source code and project files.

3. Database example - filtering

Filtering database records

Delphi database example showing how to filter records based on an input from an edit box. This example has all the features as our previous database example plus record filtering.

4. Database example - printing

Print database records using Rave reports

This example shows how to print all database records from a DBgrid and how to print a current database record using FastReport and Rave reports. Also shows how to load FastReport from a file. Components used: DbGO, frxReport, Rave.

5. Delphi status bar example

Custom status bar example

Delphi example on how to work with status bar component, place vcl components inside a status bar, detect clicks on status bar panel and more.

6. Custom print preview in Rave

How to create a custom print preview dialog

Delphi Rave reports an example on how to create a custom print preview window. This example shows how to create your own custom print preview, how to zoom in and out, how to move through report pages, how to export to PDF file and more. Full source code and license on purchase. License to copy all the elements in this example and paste them directly to your project.

7. Create PDF from Delphi

Create PDF documents from Delphi

Example on how to create a PDF document by code in Delphi using binary writers and memory streams. Also shows how to display PDF text and paint graphic primitives. No third party components.